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Perfection Fluid

Perfection Fluid
Perfection Fluid
Perfection Fluid
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Perfection Fluid
Perfection Fluid
Perfection Fluid
Perfection Fluid
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  • Weight: 250.00ml
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Semi-thick fast cutting compound to cut down the impure layer of the paint (sanding marks, over paint spray and serious paint defects) with the primary objective to remove finer scratches. Used either with Coating Daddy wool/cutting pads. Designed to work over a broad climatic range, including extreme conditions. The non-gritty formula works on all types of automotive paints. Each bottle of Perfection Fluid contains 250ML of fluid.

  • Leaves minimal swirls.
  • Effective on hard-paints, deeper paints & clear coats
  • Gives a sleek finish to painted surfaces.
  • Pad-application
  • Requires only a small amount.
  • Removes P3000 marks

Net quantity : 250ml

  • Place a wool/foam cutting pad in the backing plate and attach to the polisher.
  • Apply Perfection fluid directly to the paint or pad.
  • Apply enough compound to work on a 2X2 area.
  • Buff using medium pressure for the first passes. As the compound begins to dry, use light pressure to pick up the compound and leave the best possible finish
  • Use a soft cloth to remove any residual film and/or sling before moving on to another panel or a subsequent polishing step.

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