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All Purpose Cleaner

All  Purpose  Cleaner

The All Purpose Cleaner is a Multipurpose Cleaner that removes difficult stains, bad odor and dirt from any surface whether it is plastic, glass or car seats, etc. Grease and oil marks can be easily cleaned without leaving any residue behind. Also, it is safe to use on all surfaces and the fast drying formula allows quick application. Experience an easy cleaning process with foamy spray. Also try our interior cleaners for perfect shiny car interiors.

Brand: Coatingdaddy Model: CDAPC
Coating Daddy All Purpose Cleaner cleans dirt, grease and other mess to restore a new and fresh look. Excellent for household and car cleaning, it doesn’t contain phosphate so doesn’t harm skin..
Ex Tax:₹338.14
Brand: Coatingdaddy Model: AP1
Normal wash is good but a foam wash makes a surface alive. And that’s what the Coating Daddy All Purpose Foamy Cleaner has been designed to do. Give a superior clean and shine to everything it comes in contact with...
Ex Tax:₹296.61
Anti–Slip Spray Anti–Slip Spray
-41 %
Brand: Coatingdaddy Model: AS1
Don’t risk falling yourself or put your loved ones in danger. Use Coating Daddy Anti-Slip Spray and create a safer and healthier environment. Spray it on any surface and make yourself invincible to slipping...
₹650.00 ₹1,100.00
Ex Tax:₹550.85
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