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Glass Cleaner

Glass  Cleaner

Coating Daddy Glass Cleaner is a powerful formula to make the glasses disappear by making them crystal clear. It removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, bug splatters, etc. from the glass with just one simple application. Completely streak-free, no hassle, no fuss, and leaves no residue or leftovers. For a long-lasting shiny crystal glass this product is perfect to be used on all kinds of glasses. Great results from the first usage.

Brand: Coatingdaddy Model: CDGL
Coating Daddy’s glass cleaner cleans the glasses effectively and provides a clear, stain-free glass surface. It removes the bird dropping quickly, also possesses anti-mist and anti-freeze performance, thus improving the transparency and gloss of the glass, eliminating eye fatigue, decreasing the fri..
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