Coating Daddy offers a premium selection of car cleaning accessories including microfiber towel, applicator, electric hose reel, mitts, creeper seat, spray gun, electric car jack and dust mask. Our car cleaning products are ready to provide a thorough detailing to any vehicle and having them is an added advantage during a detailing service. Bringing the best car care products online to you.

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10 M Electric Hose Reel

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Electric Hose Reel comes with a full ..

₹6,899.00 ₹5,250.00

Dust Mask

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy dust mask saves you from intake of harmful infectious ..

₹315.00 ₹149.00

Electric Car Jack

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Electric Car Jack is ideal for emergency roadsid..

₹16,995.00 ₹9,998.00

Microfiber Apron

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Microfiber terry composite fabric Apron made of 80% ..

₹2,599.00 ₹999.00

Microfiber Glass Towel- 290 GSM (40*40 cms)

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy’s Microfiber Glass Towel made of 80 percent polyester ..


Microfiber Wash Mitt (1 Pair)

DESCRIPTION:Microfiber glove is very absorbent and can carry an abun..

₹1,899.00 ₹1,100.00

Plastic Hand Spray Gun (Trigger)

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Plastic Hand Spray Gun (Trigger) makes uniform, clean ..

₹899.00 ₹449.00

Masking Tape (18mm*55m) Blue

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy Masking Tape Blue is made with high quality..

₹499.00 ₹150.00

Masking Tape (18mm*55m) Green

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy Masking Tape Green is made with high quality ea..

₹449.00 ₹150.00

Sponge Applicator With Microfiber Applicator Cloth

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy Applicator Cloth is the new and soft applicat..

₹449.00 ₹275.00

Microfiber Terry Car Towel Red – 360 GSM (40*40 cms)

DESCRIPTION:Our microfiber terry cloth towel is the most versatile type of microfi..

₹449.00 ₹255.00

Masking Tape (48mm*55m) Green

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy Masking Tape Green is made with hig..

₹729.00 ₹310.00

Coating Daddy 4mm Fine Line Tape

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy Fine line tape is an ultra-soft adhesive masking tape which is..

₹449.00 ₹199.00