Coating Daddy offers a premium selection of car cleaning accessories including microfiber towel, applicator, electric hose reel, mitts, creeper seat, spray gun, electric car jack and dust mask. Our car cleaning products are ready to provide a thorough detailing to any vehicle and having them is an added advantage during a detailing service. Bringing the best car care products online to you.

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10 M Electric Hose Reel

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Electric Hose Reel comes with a full retractable, slow ..

₹6,899.00 ₹5,250.00

Applicator – Sponge

DESCRIPTION:These Coating Daddy sponge Applicator Pads are the new and innovative foam a..

₹410.00 ₹149.00

Detailing Trolley

DESCRIPTION:A feasible 3 layer detailing trolley to simply stock your detailing equipmen..

₹7,549.00 ₹4,999.00

Dust Mask

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy dust mask saves you from intake of harmful infectious germ..

₹315.00 ₹149.00

Electric Car Jack

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Electric Car Jack is ideal for emergency roadside tire c..

₹16,995.00 ₹9,998.00

Microfiber Apron

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Microfiber terry composite fabric Apron made of 80% polyes..

₹2,599.00 ₹1,695.00

Microfiber Car Wash Towel – 300 GSM

DESCRIPTION:Unique micro fiber technology towel ideal for cars which ensure that the dir..

₹495.00 ₹210.00

Microfiber Glass Towel

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy’s Microfiber Glass Towel made of 80 percent polyester and 20 p..

₹395.00 ₹195.00

Microfiber Wash Mitt

DESCRIPTION:Microfiber glove is very absorbent and can carry an abundance of soap and wa..

₹1,899.00 ₹998.00

Plastic Hand Spray Gun (Trigger)

DESCRIPTION:The Coating Daddy Plastic Hand Spray Gun (Trigger) makes uniform, clean appl..

₹899.00 ₹449.00

Tool Trollery

DESCRIPTION:Portable master cart with wheels and 3 compartment design in 52 cm x 32 x 72..

₹27,999.00 ₹18,995.00

Applicator Round

DESCRIPTION: Gentle, soft, plush, yet strong round cut fabric absorbent sponge core easy to scr..

₹395.00 ₹249.00

Microfiber Coral Fleece Car Wash Towel

DESCRIPTION:Coating Daddy’s super powerful water-absorbent Coral Fleece Car Towel absorbs..

₹595.00 ₹265.00

Microfiber Terry Car Towel – 260 GSM

DESCRIPTION:Our microfiber terry cloth towel is the most versatile type of microfiber cl..

₹395.00 ₹235.00

Microfiber Terry Car Towel – 350 GSM

DESCRIPTION:Our microfiber terry cloth towel is the most versatile type of microfiber cl..

₹449.00 ₹255.00