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Coating Daddy spray paints are a mixture of highly efficient pigments, resins and other elements encouraging faster drying time and greater coverage. These superior quality spray paints give an excellent finish in comparison to regular paints applied with brushes or rollers.

Wait till the paint has dried and then abrade with a sandpaper to remove any imperfection. Once that is done start spraying. Also, ensure that spraying or re-spraying is done in a place that is well-ventilated with no chance of contaminants sticking to the surface.

It is important to do away with remaining old paint before going ahead with the fresh one for a better finish. Either use heat or super-efficient paint removers. After eroding the paint, clean the surface properly and then only apply the transparent base coat or primer.

Primarily the major factors are humid conditions and extremely hot surface. Therefore, avoid spraying in direct sunlight and let the surface cool. Make sure spraying is done in the prescribed temperature.

Sealed cans can be used up to 2 years. Moreover, avoid storing them in extreme temperatures to increase their shelf-life.

Since the products are extremely flammable, it is crucial to be very cautious and ensure the area is well-ventilated.

Though you can spray it on plastics, there are certain plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene that do not support paint adhesion. It is better to test the paint by spraying on a discreet area before coating further.

The exterior surface cleaners can be found in the Coating Daddy ‘Exterior’ category. These cleaners range from tyre to glass and used in cleaning almost all types of vehicle exterior parts. It is recommended to use exterior surface cleaners with a soft and clean microfiber cloth/ towel to achieve the best results.

Perfection and reflection fluids are cutting compounds that exhibit a great performance in vehicle paint cutting and bringing out the absolute shine. The perfection fluid cuts paint while the reflection fluid enhances shine. Use these fluids on the vehicle paint surface only with an Orbital Polisher.

Yes, the All Purpose Cleaner is designed to clean most of the surfaces with great results. Use this cleaner with a soft microfiber towel to reach maximum efficiency.

The Interior Cleaner is used to clean the car interior surface.

Foam swabs come in large quantities. For best results, always use a clean and fresh foam swab to clean small and hard to reach surfaces.

Coating Daddy sells vehicle surface specific Orbital polisher with 3 inches and 21 mm disc. We recommend using this polisher for automotive detailing specific tasks only.

Coating Daddy offers a wide range of detailing pads. Some are bigger and used for quickly polishing large surfaces. While some are smaller and used for small and hard to reach surfaces. Each detailing pad has its own specialty. They come in different varieties, colors and sizes. Please refer to the pad section to know more about them.

Use it in small areas like door jambs, seats, gearbox, etc. They provide precision cleaning and usable on all types of surfaces.

Yes, the Tool Trolley is designed with spacious compartments to keep all the detailing tools in the right place. All the tools, coatings, and compounds can be stored in the tool trolley that is required during a detailing session.

Yes, you can employ a variety of cleaners to clean your detailing pads. However, you need to make sure that it is alright to wash them with that particular cleaner. Pad washer can wash all types of detailing pads like hex-logic, quantum, microfiber, etc.

We offer two kinds of detailing lights. One is in a bigger lamp form and the other is in smaller pen design. Simply push the light to reveal the deeper swirls and scratches on a vehicle’s paint surface.

No, you can’t. This product is designed to gauge the metal paint thickness only.

Yes, you can. Our microfiber towel is made with premium quality ingredients. They are soft, plush, and have a huge absorption capacity. You can clean almost all types of surfaces with it. You can choose between different colors, GSM and size.

The round and sponge applicator are used to apply ceramic coating evenly on a surface. Their shape and size allow them to reach tough spots.

Universal size. Coating Daddy makes one size fits all washing mitts with premium quality materials for excellent washing results.

The Car creeper seat is extremely robust and can endure heavy weight for a long time during a detailing session.

Nasiol is a premium ceramic coating brand that manufactures and sells all kinds of ceramic coating for various industries such as automotive, marine, home, furniture, clothing, etc.

No. There is a Nasiol tab on our website that will redirect you to Nasiol’s website. Once there you can purchase any ceramic coating you wish for.

You can simply fill the form in the Dealership tab on our website. Our executive will revert to you shortly.