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The Bugfilm vehicle mask is a temporary film that protects your vehicle’s windshields and mirrors from bug stains and minor stone chips. You no longer have to wince at the thought of what you'll find on your vehicle after a ride.
Say goodbye to scratches from debris that flew by your vehicle without your notice. No need to douse and wipe off your windshield free of bug guts.
Go ahead and drive through a scenic route or go off-road and enjoy nature without nature dinging up your glass and metal.

  • Flexible coating
  • UV resistance
  • Bug resistance
  • Easy to remove with water
  • Peelable
  • Can be colored
AppearanceHazy Liquid
Dry Film Thickness15-20μm
Consumption per Unit Area60-75mL/m2
Density @23°C0.9g/cm3
pH Value5.2-5.5
Application Temperature0°C-60°C (≤50% RH)
Spray-Gun Nozzle Tip Size1.0-1.8 mm
Spraying Distance15-30 cm
Spraying Pressure1.5-2 Bar
Temperature Durability250°C
Dry-to-Touch Time (Pre-Cure)20 mins @ 23°C
REACH ComplianceYes
  • Surface should be prepared accordingly.
  • Clean any flimsy layer of dust, dirt, oil or water.
  • Apply under a shade away from direct sunlight.
  • Spray the contents on the surface 70-75 ml for one square meter.
  • Let it cure for 24 hours.
  • Bugfilm Spray coating - 500 ml 

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