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Glass Cleaner

Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass  Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
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Coating Daddy’s glass cleaner cleans the glasses effectively and provides a clear, stain-free glass surface. It removes the bird dropping quickly, also possesses anti-mist and anti-freeze performance, thus improving the transparency and gloss of the glass, eliminating eye fatigue, decreasing the friction between window shield and glass.

  • Offers tough stain removal at home - daily dust, dirt and grime and leaves an invigorating scent.
  • All-round glass cleaner which cuts through all kinds of everyday dirt on glass surfaces.
  • Unique lift action technology that ensures brilliantly clean surfaces.
  • Add this product into the sprinkler can of car windshield directly.
  • Do not add too much additive in the car sprinkler can and refrain from filling it beyond the maximum point.
  • Spray on dirty surface inside or outside the car (naturally also elsewhere) and then wipe off, or wet a flannel and then wipe off the stained place.

Net quantity : 500 ML, 1 Liter, 5 Liter

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