Our all-purpose cleaners and cleaning items are developed to make cleaning an easy experience. These professional cleaners are perfected to work on almost all types of surface, instead of just vehicle. With our cleaners, you invest fewer efforts, remove contaminants and spots from a surface, get glossy shine as a result and can also use them as spray cleaners for a wide surface coverage. After-touch of polishes & compounds provides a surface with a glossy appearance. Our wide range of cleaners can be classified into foaming type rejuvenator, super paint remover, brake and parts cleaner, foam car wash shampoo, engine degreaser and nano rinse.

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Engine Degreaser

DESCRIPTION:Heavy duty cleaning fluid for car engines. Removes dirt, grime and residu..

₹1,395.00 ₹890.00

Foam Wash Shampoo

DESCRIPTION:Easy yet effective liquid foam formula to clean your car in a hassle free m..

₹1,299.00 ₹795.00

Foaming Tyre Rejuvenator

FEATURES:Permeates, cleans, renews, and protects in one easy step. ..


Nano Rinse

DESCRIPTION:Paint finish maintenance shampoo applicable on all protection coatin..

₹749.00 ₹495.00

Super Paint Remover

FEATURES:The product can be used to remove several types of paint coatings, ..