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6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red

6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
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6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
6" Random Orbital Dual Action Polisher - Red
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The smoothest running, conventional random orbital polisher with a throw of 21 mm that ensures a perfect finish with its random orbital motion and exceptionally large throw. The advantage of a larger throw is that more surface area is being covered as you polish. This means you will be able to remove swirls, scratches, water spots, and other paint defects in considerably less time.

  • Compatible with 6-7 inches pad.
  • Remarkable engineering and exquisite craftsmanship
  • No swirls or holograms are instilled into the paint as you polish.
  • Speed regulation
  • Two-handed handle
  • Trigger lock on the handle can be depressed to lock the machine in motion.
Input Power 900W (Max.1200W)
Voltage 120-230v AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Speed 1800-4800 /min
Backing Plate Size 150mm(6 inch)
Foam Pad Size 148mm(6inch) - 178mm(7inch)
Weight 2.9 kgs
Thread 5/16"-24
Accessories 6inch backing plate
Power Supply Cordt 5 Meter
Orbit Size 21mm
Warranty 6 Months Standard Warranty subject to term & condition.

Starting and stopping the power tool

  • It is recommended to properly tighten backing plate before every use. If the backing plate is forming bubbles or is loose, check to make sure that it is properly fixed. Disconnect polisher from power source & use Allen key wrench to ensure the backing plate bolt is secure prior to each use.
  • The backing plate mustn’t come in contact with water as water may ruin the backing plate.
  • The Velcro of the backing plate must be properly fixed on the pad.
  • Make sure your pad is centered on the polisher.
  • The Polisher carbon and the backing plate must be replaced once after every 4-6 months of use.
  • Prior to application it is recommended that all plastic and metal trim on vehicle be taped off using Professional Masking Tape for protection from incidental engagement with backing plate and/or pad.

*Caution* : Make sure that the Variable Trigger Throttle is in the ‘Off’ position and the power source is the same as specified on the tool’s nameplate.

  • Connect the tool to the power source.
  • Select the appropriate speed. The tool’s maximum speed is adjusted by turning the Variable Speed Dial. When the Variable Trigger Throttle is actuated, the sweep of the trigger increases the speed of the machine incrementally from zero to the present maximum.
  • For paint correction, a speed setting of #4 or #5 is recommended. For application of waxes or sealants, a speed setting of #2 or #3 is recommended. The #6 setting sets the maximum speed
  • Hold the power tool in front and away from your body. Make sure that the pad is resting on the vehicle surface before starting the power tool.
  • Pull the Variable Trigger Throttle to start the motor. The more you pull the trigger the faster the motor will run. Release the Variable Trigger Throttle to stop motor.
  • The Trigger Lock Button located on the left side of the handle, holds the Variable Trigger Throttle in the “On” position when it is depressed while the variable trigger throttle is pulled.
  • To release the Trigger Lock Button, pull the Variable Trigger Throttle to its limit and disengage the Trigger Lock Button by pushing it.

*Caution* : The tool will continue to rotate briefly even after it is turned off.

Things to keep in mind while using a Detailing Polisher

  • Keep the polisher flat on the surface at all times.
  • Set the polisher on the lowest setting before beginning polishing.
  • Don’t turn on the detailing polisher off the surface of the vehicle as it will cause unnecessary sling of the chemical which will increase your cleaning time.
  • Work on smaller areas to get a better finishing on the ride rather than covering large areas and investing more time than necessary.
  • Don’t let the wire of the polisher drag on the surface of the vehicle to prevent the scratching of the paint.
  • Don’t use water with any detailing compound as it will dilute it and mess up the surface of the vehicle on polishing.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure on the surface of the vehicle as it will increase the friction and heat.
  • Always use the right accessories for the right product to get maximum detailing output.
  • Always pay attention to the side of the polishing pad before placing it on the polisher as the wrong side might damage the paintwork of the vehicle.
  • Don’t start polishing before cleaning the vehicle as polishing on a dirty vehicle might further damage its paint work.
  • Don’t move the polisher too fast, move it an inch per second as it takes its time to work on a surface.
  • Always work your way to the edges of the vehicle with your polisher rather than going over them directly to avoid unnecessary paint removal.
  • It is recommended to use smaller polisher with small pads and backing plates to polish small surfaces.

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