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Electric Sprayer

Electric Sprayer
Electric Sprayer
Electric Sprayer
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Electric Sprayer
Electric Sprayer
Electric Sprayer
Electric Sprayer
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The Coating Daddy electric sprayer allows you to regulate and control the amount of water when spraying. It comes with a 1 litre plastic container (sealed with safety lid) attached to the sprayer through a plastic tube that supplies continuous water to the sprayer. The adjustable nozzle is used to control the amount of water to be sprayed. Eliminates the inconvenience of pushing the trigger again and again with the convenience of one-time push trigger. Runs on 4 batteries.

  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Comfortable switch
  • Environment friendly--low noise, save energy
  • Easy to operate; easy to assembly, ON & LOCK to control the fluid.
  • Multi-purposes: watering, cleaning, cooling, etc.
  • Small size-light and convenient to carry with.
Battery AA-4PCS, 6V,4Ah
Spray flow 200ml/min
Pump type 6V min-motor powered gear pump
Pump speed 18000rpm
Motor working currency 1.1A
Capacity of bottle 1L

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