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Detailing Brush

Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
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Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
Detailing Brush
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Set of 5 detailing brushes (in 5 different sizes) usable on both vehicle exterior & interior that enable detailing even the most hard to reach places of vehicles & make it easy to clean any spot where dust and grime collect and hide. The dense-packed soft bristles have an extreme dense water absorbability and stand up stiff to brush out all kind of dirt, grime & dust. Also, the safest detailing tool since they are made of chemical resistant ultra-soft wool heads that act brilliantly on road grime & stubborn dirt. Ideal for cleaning around door jambs, body trim, badges, grills, wheels, lug nuts, engine bays, cupholders, etc.

  • Gentle on surface finish
  • Effective with degreasers & cleaners
  • Easily remove tough grime from all the nooks and crannies
  • No flickering of cleaning solution on the work area.
  • Can be used to apply large amount of solution.
  • Safe on the painted as well as plastic surface of the vehicle.
  • Soft bristles ensure no scratches
  • Versatile performance on any area.
  • Use the long handled brush to reach deep into the wheels or clean the wheel wells of any vehicle.
  • Use the medium wheel brush to reach smaller wheel gaps, air diffusers, door jams, engine areas, etc.
  • Use the small wheel brush for tight gaps, like grilles, and narrow spoke wheels.
  • For best results, dip the brush in warm water and then use it to agitate the wheel cleaner. The warm water will make the bristles more pliable to squeeze into those tight spokes.
  • Please rinse with flowing water after using residual detergents, natural drying, shaking or use wool brush nursing can make the hair fleeciness up again.

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