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Double Headed Disposable Micro Brush

Double Headed Disposable Micro Brush
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Double Headed Disposable Micro Brush
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The Coating Daddy Disposable Micro Brush that is bent towards the top and has bristles on both the sides. The bend allows you to clean a difficult area more thoroughly due to bristles on both sides and. Great for lubricating, cleaning and applying glue or paint in small, hard to reach places. Bends easily to any angle. Possible to reach areas that were not accessible before. Each pack of Double Headed Micro Brush contains 100 pieces.

  • 100 brushes per pack.
  • High stability and perfect products.
  • Unloading cotton medicinal gum remover
  • Easy to reach difficult areas.
  • Gentle on the surface
Thin blach stick
Brush Length 9-10mm
Material PP
Bristles on both sides
Dupont Hair

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